The Constitution is Hanging by a Thread…

A recent article I read on The Blaze  about America being at a constitutional tipping point brought to mind an old phrase about the United States Constitution hanging by a thread. I don’t blame Obama for the complete disintegration of our political structure it has been a long time coming, but I do argue that his policies have greatly accelerated the previously gradual erosion of our freedoms.


The constitution is hanging by a thread.

The constitution is hanging by a thread.


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  • TR says:

    It depends on perspective.
    -For almost 100 years, slavery was allowed in this country despite the existence of our constitution.
    -During the same years, fewer than half of Americans were allowed to vote. (Only men.)
    -Until the 1960s, interracial marriage was illegal in many states.
    -Until 1971, any male who was 18, 19, or 20 was considered old enough to die for his country but not old enough to choose the leaders of it.
    -in 1874 the state of Missouri issued the Extermination Order, under which Mormons must be “exterminated of driven from the state”. It was not rescinded until 1976.

    I think the principles of the constitution have a stronger presence in society today than during almost any point in our past. I can’t really think of any freedoms that we are denied today that even come close to those I listed above.

    • maroonbeard says:

      I’m glad that those who went. before were able to mature and truly live up to the actual principles of the Constitution.

      However through creeping progressive policies and unprecedented Bureaucracy our freedoms have gradually and discreetly been stripped from us, and people are content enough with their Xbox and pizza to offer much resistance.

      Recently a study ( found that the United States ranks 46th in press freedom.

      Obama and many before him have made a habit of skirting congress in order to fulfill their own agenda with executive orders. The article I referred to points to a “tipping point”, the point isn’t that we have lost out freedom, it is that we are on the verge of losing freedom. Before a boat capsizes things may be tumultuous but not a total loss, but once it’s final edge has flipped there is no going back. The thread hasn’t been cut, the boat has not capsized, and the foundation has cracks but the building is still standing. Sometimes all seems well or at least relatively well before catastrophe, but once the landslide begins it’s hard to put everything back the way it was before.

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