31 Days of Halloween Day 5: Donald Duck, Trick or Treat

Disney’s Halloween treat was always one of my favorite Halloween specials, it was just a bunch of random Halloweenish Disney cartoons edited and smashed into a hour long Sunday Night Family Special. My mom had a ton of Halloween cartoons recorded onto 20 different VHS tapes and I remember trying having to rewind and fast forward through all the other junk on the tapes to get to my favorite cartoons. The quality was terrible and there were usually large portions of the shows missing from poorly executed commercial skipping attempts during the recording process. These days I have an amazing time searching through the internet for the classics that I haven’t watch for over 20 years. Nostalgia is powerful thing and our generation is really lucky to be able access so much of our past with very little effort. 

Comic book cover for Donald Duck's Trick or Treat

Comic book cover for Donald Duck’s Trick or Treat

One of my favorite cartoons that was featured on Disney’s Halloween Treat was a Donald Duck cartoon about Trick or Treating, enjoy!



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