Days of Halloween, Day 15: Family Traditions

 As Halloween Season winds down, I thought I’d share a post about how I celebrate Halloween. I’ve said before that we Pfeifer’s are weird, and we go all out for holidays. I was thinking about what the pillars of a “properly celebrated” Haloween are. And I boiled Halloween down to these:






Decorating outside and in is a necessary part of a successful Pfeifer Halloween. I counted this year and I believe we have around nine full size tupperware-style storage containers to accomodate our Halloween decorating crap.


One of the key components of a proper outside setup is the “Dead Guy”


Dead Guy


 Ever since I was little I helped my Mom make the dead guy on the front porch and one year I graduated to making the dead guy all by myself. He is always sitting in a chair, stuffed with paper and usually roasting something over a fire. If I didn’t incorporate this corpse into my setup, the setup would be completely fraudulent.

Other important features for a proper setup are Styrofoam headstones, bones and more recently I’ve tried to include a new creature annually…







My nerdy Lego Halloween display...

My nerdy Lego Halloween display…




 I don’t usually watch a movie more than once or twice so I don’t buy many DVDs because they just sit there unwatched… Unless it’s a Halloween or Christmas movie, then I usually watch it once or twice a year. Maybe it’s a thirst for some sort of associated nostalgia or some kind or neurosis but here are a few of our favorites:




Gar "Halloween" field

Gar “Halloween” field


Garfield and Odie’s adventure Trick or Treating ends with them fighting to escape from some angry, dead, pirates…







It’s hard to find a good copy of this special these days but it is possible to find the videos featured in the show. Trick or Treat with Donald Duck , The Lonely Ghosts with Mickey, Goofy and Donald and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow are all Halloween staples.







 Some of the wittiest moments and funniest parodies in all of television history come from the years of Simpsons’ Halloween Specials. Some have been better than others but I look forward to watching every year (although I was always pissed during those years that they played them after Halloween because of some stupid sports event called “The World Series”).








I got a rock

I got a rock


What Halloween would be complete without The Peanut’s The Great Pumpkin. There are some pretty classic moments in this short cartoon but the Trick or Treat sequence is probably still my favorite part.


Charlie Brown Fights Back

A $#@% Rock?! Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!





Pumpkin Patch


When I was little we would call the pumpkin patch “The Pile”. That’s what I thought pumpkin patches were called , I guess the name got started because the patch we would  go to was just a big old pile of pumpkins that you could climb all over and pick out your gourd from. Eventually “The Pile” was paved over and replace by “a pile” of crappy apartments, but the name mostly stuck around with the members of my immediate family.



Maryland had some pretty decent Pumpkin Patches and we found a pretty good one here in the area.  Whatever the case, we always do our best to find a truly sincere pumpkin patch in order to pay our tribute to The Great Pumpkin.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





My Dad usually skips the first 3 traditions for the most part but he has really learned to embrace this one…



There are many more, but I have limited access due to distance from home. But, my Dad really knows how to just let go and put on a weird costume. All the other days of the year my Dad is in no way bombastic, conversely he is pretty reserved and conservative. So, if you want proof of genuine Halloween magic look no further than the spell it puts on Joe every year on All Hallows’ Eve.


In a pitiful attempt to compete with my Dad, my little family and I do our best to scare away the undead with our own disguises.



We do a bunch of other crap too but I’m sick of this post. Traditional food, smells, books and a million other little things all make Halloween a magical and memorable time for us. If anyone wants to share their Halloween tradition please do!


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  • Elise says:

    LOVE it!!! The costumes are classic. I miss Halloween so much this year. Most days I forget it’s even October. Thanks for the Halloween treat to make me feel fallish and halloweeney!!!

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