Uh, Days of Halloween, Day 11: Jack O’ Lanterns

So, I guess the 31 day thing kind of fizzled, I didn’t really anticipate having a life with actual responsibilities when I began my 31 Days of Halloween endeavor. However I will press on undeterred, not sure if I will fully recover but I will make posts daily”ish”!

So, Jack ‘O’ lanterns. 

From carved turnips to pumpkins, watermelons and various other hard shelled fruits, the Jack O’ Lantern has a storied history. Like many of our strange traditions this weird practice originated in the British Isles, more specifically Ireland. I really enjoy dark tales rooted in twisted up religious superstition. Living in expansive wooded areas sequestered from large population bases can really screw with your “Christian Sensibilities”. Small villages and isolated towns were breeding grounds for mystifying tales and fanatical superstitions. 

Watermelon-Carving-Skull-Brains jackolantern la710_hall07_turnip_xl


 The Supposed origination for the tradition of carving Jack O’ Lanterns started with an Irish guy called Stingy Jack who pissed off the devil or something and got his face carved by an accursed leprechaun with a knife forged in hell or something… Here’s a better re-telling: http://www.history.com/topics/jack-olantern-history  


Traditionally we’ve been lead to believe that Jack O’ Lanterns are carved to ward off evil / scare away the ghosts and goblins that are running loose on Halloween. Almost something akin to what the Jews did during the first Passover, although I argue that painting blood all over our doorways and people actually dying at the hand of a supernatural force is much more Halloween appropriate than a carved fruit… And like costumes (which I’ll discuss later), Jack O’ Lanterns are becoming more and more wussy and impotent as time goes by. Instead of fearsome creatures designed to frighten even the most depraved goblin of the deep, nowadays people are content to carve Hello kitty and Twilight characters into their gourds.



Sadly, I’m afraid today’s  Jack O’ Lanterns are no longer a satifactory replacement of the Headless Horseman’s discorporated coconut.


Not my best edit, I had to use Microsoft Office…


So, to top off this succinct, all encompassing discussion on all things Jack o’ Lantern here are some cool ones!



Click the picture to follow the link!

Villafane Studios

Villafane Studios




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