31 Days of Halloween, Day 6: Uh, Some Middle School “Art”

I guess “Throwback Thursday” is a thing, but I like to go against the grain so today’s going to be “Magic Time-Machine Monday”. So, I thought I’d share some wonderful Halloween “Art” from late Junior High/Early High School. The main point of sharing this stuff is to show that creating pointless art projects while sequestering myself in an over-decorated “office” is nothing new. My compulsion to draw stuff and write crappy stories is like an itch, I have to scratch until it goes away. So, if I’m creating stuff I might as well put it on the internet for like 15 people to look at. Anyway, here you go my 15 faithful viewers… ART!

Crappy Jr. High School Art

Crappy Jr. High School Art


Before you look at the next one, please don’t call the authorities and ask for me to be committed… I swear I don’t have people in my basement.



Um, Happy Halloween :)


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31 Days of Halloween Day 4: The Headless Horseman He’s The Worst.

The Headless Horsemnan

To this day one of my favorite Halloween shows is Disney’s Sleepy Hollow. Today I want to post my favorite scene of the show, feel free to comment on your favorite Halloween shows and scenes.



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31 Days of Halloween Day 3: Charlie Brown Fights Back, Rerun

What’s Halloween without the Great Pumpkin? I did this comic last year but I think it’s still fantastic and I’m too lazy to find something else for today (3 days in) but I will press on!

Charlie Brown Fights Back

A $#@% Rock?! Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!


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