Mormons in Popular Culture, PART 2 Mormon culture in strange places

So I focused on Joseph Smith in PART 1, this time I want to share some snippets on LDS culture found in random and strange places. I don’t claim to have a 100% accurate compendium of LDS culture in pop culture, these are just some ones I found interesting…


Missionaries as a comedic prop


Many entertainment shows and movies have chosen to use missionaries as soulless, mindless, drones. They have this idea that something raunchy or embarrassing happening to a Mormon missionary would blow their mind, how would one of these naive little purists react to ____? The problem is most real missionaries most likely have countless journal entries of their daily abuses by everyday jerks. Mormon missionaries are far from simple-minded brain-wash victims, but apparently it’s fun to imagine that they are…

A Prime Example

A Prime Example


In the movie Yes Man, the “Yes Man” Jim Carey has to say yes to everything, but oh crap, Mormon missionaries! He’s gonna have to say yes when they ask if he wants to hear their message! If you ask me the missionaries are in the losing end of this scenario, 20 minutes of terrible catch phrases and twisted facial contortions sounds much more painful than anything a missionary might dish out.


"Alrighty, then!"

“Alrighty, then!”


uh, sorry to cut this short Mr. Carey but we need to get to another appointment.

Uh, sorry to cut this short Mr. Carey but we need to get to another appointment.


There are other examples out there, some bumbling moronic missionaries are featured in the 2004 movie Millions, and robotic white-shirted drones in countless cartoons. In reality missionaries are fully autonomous, in fact on my mission I had more freedom than I have ever had in my life. We were completely self-motivated. Most missionaries make a lot of sacrifices for something they truly believe in.


I hope they call me on a mission




LDS Temples in random places


A Simpsons episode about Lady Gaga of all things featured a random picture of the Salt Lake Temple…


If you ever wanted a Simpsonized Salt Lake Temple picture, here you go...

If you ever wanted a Simpsonized Salt Lake Temple picture, here you go…


Also a terribly researched “Mormon Church” / temple with a cross on it… If you are going to mock someone do it right, jeez!


The "Mormon Church"

The “Mormon Church”


In the Newspaper comic Pickles you can easily spot the LDS temple in the background of many scenes, the cartoonist is LDS and he’s slowly brainwashing the masses to submit to our sinister cult!


Pickles Comic LDS Temple


The terrible movie Starship Troopers used a Mormon colony as a backstory for an alien invasion… Port Joe Smith, so typical.


StarshipTroopers_03 LDS Temple LDS temple in Space!!!



Mormon Tattoos

Kind of a strange tribute but hey…

Temple on your temple

Temple on your temple

Gordon B Hinckley Tattoo Mormon Prophets Tattoo





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