Best Silly Love Song:

Paul McCartney’s “Country Dreamer”

from the single:

This song is a little hard to find, this is the best I could do on amazon:


 But, then you could just find it on iTunes, which is just too easy…

In John Lennon’s song “How Do You Sleep?”, there is line that says, “The sound you make is muzak to my ears”. This song and it’s insults are largely interpreted as references to his old friend and song collaborator Paul Mccartney. Paul really did produce some cheeeeeesy music after leaving the Beatles, but he also put out some really good rock songs. And in a way Paul kind of embraced the whole cheesy song label, songs like “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Silly Love Songs” were big hits. And his cheesiest love song would probably have to be “Country Dreamer”, but, it’s a great song! The things he talks about doing in the song sound fun, the music is laid back and happy! I want to go and run around without my boots in a field and jump into a stream. Carefree, happy and sunny. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs and what’s wrong with that? I’d like to know….

Best Ridiculously Messed Up “Love” Song

Warren Zevon’s “Angel Dressed In Black”

from the album:

found here:

Not many love songs start out with the lyrics: “Sitting on the sofa, sucking a bowl of crack”, but this song does. “Angel Dressed In Black” paints a very descriptive scene for us. A crackhead is sitting in his most likely disgusting apartment, smoking crack. He starts worrying because his beautiful angel of a prostitute hasn’t come home for a little while and he begins to ponder the  possible misfortunes that may have fallen upon her while she has been gone. He is worried about her, but not worried enough to go out and look for her, because… it’s raining. By the last round before the chorus he becomes so so lethargic that he begins skipping lyrics and just singing a word here and there. This guy probably isn’t the best significant other but at least he’s broken out of his drug induced haze long enough to feel a little concerned for his angel dressed in black. For such a dark sounding subject the music is surprisingly bright, with a poppy chorus and backing vocals. With a guy like Warren Zevon, I wouldn’t be surprises at all if this song is semi-autobiographical…

Best “Trippy” 60’s Song

“Mother People” by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention

from the album:

found here:

With all the weird sounds and cross fades this song fits great into the psychedelic sixties. But, in spite of the assumed drug influence Frank Zappa was not a druggie in fact, he’s quoted as saying, “…people on drugs are assholes in action”, and he tried cannabis only a few times, but without any pleasure.  And just listen to the album in it’s entirety and it’s clear that Zappa disliked hippies. This song among others in the same vein show that with a little creativity and some caffeine you can think just as far outside of the box as any pothead ever could. As my high school friends and I asked, when we were accused of doing drugs,  “Who needs marijuana?!”



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