A Real Love Song:

Steve Martin’s “Best Love”

from the album:

Find it here:

Yes, Steve Martin, the actor. I like Steve Martin, his movies are pretty funny, but I LOVE his music. The guy is very talented and should be more famous for his music than his acting in my opinion. I really enjoy this entire album, the tongue and cheek humor mixed with great talent and very well written lyrics. “Best Love” in particular is just fantastic. I call it a “real” love song because it’s just so down to earth, so thoughtful and so personal. The singer (in this case, sung by Paul McCartney) is not spewing out over-the-top confessions of love and affection, he is re-counting the little things about his life with his “Love”. There is a familiarity and knowing conveyed by the lyrics that seems so much more genuine and sincere than the average love song. This is a song about people who have lived a life together, who have an normal life with everyday problems and vulnerabilities. It’s not sappy, it’s not sickly sweet, just honest  and true declarations of love.  Also the music is fantastic!

Best Politically Fueled Anthem

Oingo Boingo’s “Capitalism”

from the album:

find it here:

Oingo Boingo wasn’t necessarily a punk band but they did have some punk elements. It’s refreshing to hear a punkish song with this perspective. Most punk songs are about anarchy or ultra-leftist ideas, BRING DOWN SOCIETY!!! If you listen to the lyrics of “Capitalism” Danny Elfman makes a very good case for capitalism solely based on the other side’s hypocrisy and feeble arguments. The song doesn’t necessarily extol the virtues of the capitalist system, the lyrics just state “there’s nothing wrong with capitalism…” The song is full of energy and you can feel the exasperation of the singer as he tries to reason with these indoctrinated bleeding hearts. “When was the last time you dug a ditch baby?!!!”




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  • Colleen says:

    Well I just bought Best Love. I know you told me about it a while ago and its great! I need to check out the whole album.
    The song i was telling you about a while ago was “Sleeping with the Lights On” by Teitur. Check it out

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