Tears Shed For The Military Man

“Wooton Bassett Town” by Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson

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The original “Thick As A Brick” is in my opinion one of the greatest albums in rock and roll history. I have to admit that I was guardedly excited when I heard Ian Anderson was planning on releasing a solo-album/sequel to “Thick As A Brick”. As soon as the new album was released I downloaded it to my ipod and went on a run through the woods near my house, deciding to run for the entirety of the album. I really enjoyed what I was hearing, fresh yet familiar. About half way through my run “Wooton Bassett Town” started playing. The mood of the song matched my environment perfectly. It was a breezy, wet, darkly overcast late afternoon. And I was running through the woods on a military base. The song has a perfect tone of melancholy, recounting the thoughts and hopelessness that a young soldier feels, contemplating the value of his suffering. I really like some of the lines like “Long road to Baghdad, then Persian Hordes? Where will we stop to sheath our swords?” The song ends on a note of sadness as the townspeople of Wooten Bassett Town stop their various activities to shed tears for the military man. The song is sad, heavy hearted, but very thought provoking.

Do you think you deserve your freedom?

“Soldier’s Poem” by MUSE

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Whether you agree with all the lyrics or not, this is a short powerful song. The soldier in question sounds resentful, and broken. He questions the very purpose for his sacrifice. Even though he clearly says that sending him so far from home is wrong, he would still lay down his life for you. “And do you think you deserve your freedom? No, I don’t think you do…” Bitter honesty, a lot of these soldiers really do question the reason for their sacrifice, but they are still willing to do it. I think it’s our job to deserve the freedom that we have, let’s not squander it.

The Promise Of A Brave New World

Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Blue Sky”

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If there was ever a perfect song to listen to during a late-summer rain storm this is it. I love this song, so dark and beautiful. I think video accompanying the song is necessary to enjoy the song to the fullest. The video is dark and somewhat depraved, but I think it really focuses the aim of the song’s message. “Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter, when the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?”

The ordinary citizen is the victim on both sides in a war. People with families and love, and dreams and fears exist on both sides, and they all suffer the consequences of the selfish decisions that their leaders make.

Despite my song choices and comments I am not a necessarily a pacifist, I am personally opposed to taking an offensive stance when it comes to war. I feel that we need to let the offender make the offence before we attack so that we can have the moral high ground in a war. Roger Waters wrote many songs related to World War II, in fact the album following “The Wall” was mostly dedicated to his war-slain father.

Hitler decided he was going to unfurl a brave new world for his people and he didn’t care what got in the way. Blue skies all over the world turned gray with smoke, and the suffering was immense. The allies did what they had to do to save themselves. “The flames are are all long gone but the pain lingers on.”

I just hope that if everything breaks down again, and we are confronted with difficult choices we remember that the soldiers in the opposing force are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and we should take no pleasure in their death.



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