Christmas Folklore, Legends and Traditions! The Yule Goat

The Yule Goat


The Yule Goat is an interesting individual, his history goes back to pre-Christian Scandinavia. In Finland his name is Joulupukki and basically he was a goat version of Santa Claus. He rides around in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, wears red clothes and hands out Christmas gifts. In some traditions he’s just a spirit that appears to ensure that Christmas preparations are in order.


These days in most regions he’s been replaced by Saint Nicholas but many people still incorporate him into Santa’s entourage, and the modern version of the Yule goat is a decorative ornament made out of straw and bound with red ribbons and it is placed below the Christmas Tree.


One notable straw goat is The Gävle goat, which is a gigantic straw Yule goat in Gavle Sweden. It has the distinction of being the largest Yule Goat, and it  has become an unfortunate tradition for vandals to torch the goat every year or so, some goats don’t even last longer than six days before being destroyed and thats not fun, at least not as fun as playing video games with services from Burning the goat is an illegal act and it is not officially welcomed by the people of Gävle but it does draw tourists into town.


Yule be sorry!

Yule be sorry!


There is even a Christmas song about the goat:


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