Every Morning At My House… A Comic Strip


A pretty accurate depiction

A pretty accurate depiction



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Mindless Star Wars Art for Traffic

What drives the most traffic on the internet aside from dirty pictures? Star Wars. Also internet creeps like things that are mindlessly stupid and random, and they really like it when you combine Star Wars with stuff that is mindless and random; Angry Birds? Stars Wars? Sure! Why not?! Cute little animals? Star Wars? YAY!

So, I was thinking, Fruits and Vegetables? Star Wars? They go together like peas and razor blades! Therefore I am creating a gallery of Star Wars/Fruit and Vegetables fusion art that I will add to from time to time… And here it is:

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Living In The Future

A little joke for my Tull friends

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Let The War Games Begin!

Recently it was reported that Iran, Syria, China, and Russia are planning war games. The four countries are preparing 90,000 troops, 400 aircraft and 1,000 tanks for massive joint maneuvers, which are to take place along the Syrian coast within a month. So, in honor of the forthcoming events I created a little cartoon representation of the supervillan buddies that lead the participating countries.



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A TRIPLE RAD DAY! is now available to download on amazon.com!

A Triple Rad Day! Is an optimistic look through the eyes of an innocent child living in a nuclear fallout zone, who’s content with life at face value.
It’s theĀ end of the world as we know it, let go chase mutated cats while riding a nuclear iguana! Life is what you make of it.

Click on the link on the sidebar to go to the listing! >>>>

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ANNOUNCEMENT! New eBook releases this week. A Triple Rad Day!

When life gives you radioactive lemons, make awesome lemonade that turns you into a mutant!

A Triple Rad Day! is a tale of optimism. Life can go on, despite hardship and struggle. Nuclear fallout?

BAH! Let’s go ride iguanas!

Book link should be available shortly, check back later this week!

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Maroonbeard’s Gold

The crisp and clear November winds now blow a steady west,

Throw up the sail, clear off the deck, Jolly Roger do your best.

No longer in these foreign seas need strangers like we roam,

Yar, laddies put on yer Sunday best, for tonight we’re sailing home.

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Pickle Bottle Sticker Incentive

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