For those unfamiliar with the news stories represented here are some links:

First up… Rod Blagojevich goes to prison as confident as ever. Although, a man who cares as much about his hair as he does is probably going to be a very popular target among some of the more “aggressive” inmates he’ll meet there. Confidence may wane.

The map of japan doesn’t represent the one year anniversary of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami, but portrays the more recent 6.8 earthquake and mini tsunami that happened on Wednesday.

The picture of the angry Afghan Hoard represents one of many effigies burned this week in reaction to the stupid moron army sergeant that decided it would be a good idea to go and kill innocent women and babies, I would not oppose a decision to allow the Afghan people to burn a “more realistic” version of that jerk.

The oozing Spanish bull represents the toxic Spanish economic situation. It’s being reported as worse than Greece in many ways. Spain has a special place in my heart, but their government and social media system is absolutely stupid. Ipm just glad that I make my social media accounts better with the help of Social Media Daily.

The guy eating the hotdog is British Prime Minister David Cameron, Obama took him out to a basketball game¬†between Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils and Western Kentucky Hilltoppers at Dayton University in Ohio¬†during his recent visit. He ate a hot dog…. And I drew a picture of it.

The Obama flag is from a recent article I read about how a democratic organization decided to make some American flags with their leader’s face in place of the stars, a testament of their undying allegiance to the man no doubt. Or maybe a stunt to piss off the other side. If so, it worked. Either way, I think the flag is stupid. Does it represent the democrats’ eagerness to give all the power to the great executor rather than the states? Probably just a stupid flag, made by idiots.

The shamrock is a picture of a shamrock…


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News of the Week 6-13 March 2012


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