Obama’s CONFLICT of Interest

Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Barack Obama uses one of his Peace Missiles to resolve yet another international conflict.

Obama's Conflict of Interest




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Let The War Games Begin!

Recently it was reported that Iran, Syria, China, and Russia are planning war games. The four countries are preparing 90,000 troops, 400 aircraft and 1,000 tanks for massive joint maneuvers, which are to take place along the Syrian coast within a month. So, in honor of the forthcoming events I created a little cartoon representation of the supervillan buddies that lead the participating countries.




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NEWS, End of MAY 2012

as featured on The Blaze

Lots of stuff is going on right now, weird stories and news come in waves. Upheavals, wars, earthquakes, there’s always something going on. I really wanted to work the Florida drug zombie into this picture but I really didn’t feel like drawing two naked men covered with blood. I think I managed to get some of the top stories around town shoved into this post though… So, for those who want to know, here’s what you’re looking at:

Clockwise from the top left corner.

1st. Mitt Romney seems to have more officially secured the Republican nomination. I predict that before long the slander war will really start to heat up! I read an interesting article on the BBC’s website about the creeping apprehension that Mormons are starting to feel now that Mitt Romney’s personal life is open for business. So, I drew Mitt with a Mormon missionary tag. Like it or not Mitt, ┬álike a missionary you are now a very high profile representative of the LDS Church.

Here’s the article:


2nd. There were a couple of pretty horrible earthquakes in San Felice Sul Panaro, Italy over the last week or so. The magnitude was relatively low compared to some of the bad quakes that have been in the news recently, but many lives were lost due to the location.


3rd. The hand that lit the first olympic torch, has started a new fire, set to burn down the European Union. Thanks to crappy finances and a broken political system Greece is falling and more than likely it will take a fair chunk of Europe with it. Only time will tell, but whatever ends up happening over the next few months will most definitely be historic and probably set very important future events into motion.


4th. Once again with suspected help from Iran, Syria has killed their own people, innocent men women and children have been slaughtered as a warning to others. Syria is a crappy situation, the international community is out-raged, but are we ready to start dropping bombs on another freaking country!? My unhappy prediction is that we will involve ourselves in another conflict, using our resources. I don’t see much hope in overthrowing the Assad regime, just like every other “arab revolution”, the dictator will leave and islamists will take over, ready to oppress the people anew!


5th. Like always, Iran continues to be a ticking time-bomb. What the outcome will be is unknown, international military intervention, Iranian offensive reaction, an Israeli attack, an uprising of the Iranian people… All I know is that someday soon, something big is going to happen, and the world will never be the same.


6th. Egypt votes. It’s been a year and the Egyptians have finally had their post-Mubarak election. I’m glad they had the opportunity to vote, but I am not too optimistic about what they’ll end up with after all is said and done.


7th. Greece is bad, but as my picture represents the Spanish economy is not at all healthy. Some argue that the situation in Spain is worse than Greece. Either way there is a lot of trouble brewing in Europe now, and eventually the ripples will be felt worldwide.


If you have any comments or questions feel free to share!


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News of the Week 6-13 March 2012


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