Christmas Folklore, Legends and Traditions! More Christmas for Everyone! And The True Meaning of XMAS

More Christmas for Everyone!


Satan Claus putting the X back in X-mas

Satan Claus putting the X back in X-mas

Christmas is a holiday neck deep in cultural tradition and nearly untraceable folklore. I am Christian and I will admit that the holiday is only partially based in Christianity. Most of Christmas is all about cultural and familial tradition. The holiday is an amalgam of pagan and Roman practices with a few sprinkles of Christianity. Jesus wasn’t even born anytime near December…   “Put Christ back in Christmas!” some may exclaim, but I maintain that for those who want him in Christmas he’s where he’s always been. If you are a Christian, aren’t you supposed to be thinking about Jesus all the time? Why get so bent out of shape for Christmas? Christmas is a cultural phenomenon and should be recognized as such. Along with the baby Jesus, we have Santa Claus, reindeer, presents, Christmas Music, wassail, snowballs, and all sorts of other tinsel covered crap!


 Christians, Muslims, Atheists, and Jews come celebrate this joyful, historically rich, seasonal tradition with us! Call it Christmas because that’s what it’s called… What? You’re not Christian you say? Well I’m not Catholic, I don’t celebrate mass but I still call it ChristMAS! Also, people who get angry about the phrase “Happy Holidays” have misplaced rage, what does Holiday mean? HOLY DAY! How dare those accursed heathens call the day I celebrate my savior’s birth holy! Oh, and on the flip-side, you crazy Christians who think that Santa is evil, your kids aren’t going to burn in hell if you let them believe in Santa Claus, they’re going to die of boredom because you are boring and dumb!!! Santa is a cultural icon and if you’re worried he’ll take away the Jesus part of Christmas you’re obviously not very confident in your own beliefs and in your child’s ability to use reason.

…Okay, I’m going to calm down.


Any well-adjusted member of our society should have no qualms about the spirit of this celebration. Peace, kindness, love, family, sharing our fortune with those who are less fortunate. Why would anyone have a problem with these ideas? Has Christmas become mega-commercialized? Yes. Are Christmas Trees and lights melting the O-Zone Layer? I hope so. Are too many of our kids spoiled brats? Yes. But commercialization is a byproduct of people yearning for something; I guess it has just become misdirected. We are all so eager to slough off the rest of the mundane year and embrace something special, and we get carried away.


Don’t worry about “The War against Christmas”, if you love Christmas then go out and give Christmas a good name. Help others, show love, don’t get hung up on the little faults and unpleasant aspects of the season. Unscroo the scrooges and have a great holiday season!


 Also, fun fact: Xmas is not anti-Christian, The “X” is actually indicating the Greek letter “Chi”, which is short for the Greek, meaning “Christ”.  So “Xmas” and “Christmas” are essentially the same thing.

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